True italian flavour



Sapori del Duca’s Headquarter is situated in the ancient cultural, and political heart of central Italy that was historically under the supremacy of Duke Federico da Montefeltro, and where the famous Renaissance painter Raffaello was born, and matured artistically.

The Heartland includes all of Central Italy from Umbria to Tuscany, and on to Emilia Romagna, before curving south to touch the Province of Pesaro-Urbino in Northern Marche. Within these Regions lays both the traditional, and modern geographical heart of Italy’s Food and wine production.

Our Heartlands offer an extraordinary variety of cultures, methodologies, and skills. They extend from the teeming seas, through the gently rolling hills, to the spectacular Apennine mountains that dominate Central Italy. Here the diverse geography of the area allows agriculture, and fishing to flourish, and this, in turn gives our local produce its very distinctive character.